Virtual pre-acceptance with our customer Hubbell Power Systems – Testing and demonstration of the new 968.700 Tv (S1) machine.
Our customer was extremely impressed with the teamwork and good spirits that were shown throughout the run-off event!
DESMA USA recently facilitated a very successful virtual pre-acceptance of a large machine and mold at our DESMA Fridingen factory together with our customer Hubbell Power Systems!  This was a multi-day event with participation from multiple parties on both sides of the Atlantic.
The use of virtual pre-acceptance was driven by international travel restrictions.  In normal times, such large projects involve an in person pre-acceptance event allowing the customer onsite access to the equipment tooling and all resources necessary for success.  However in these challenging times, virtual pre-acceptance is the next best solution since business must go on.
In this case, our customer felt that while the virtual event may not quite have matched the in person experience, we were able to accomplish much more than expected in an efficient manner.  Facilitation from the USA together with support of “Team Hollywood” (our in-house digital production team) and the men of the Fridingen machine acceptance team were all engaged in this activity.  The use of multiple HD cameras, both static and mobile, online access to the machine control, and the ability to interact with the men running the system proved effective in demonstrating features and performance of this cutting edge machine and tooling technology.
We all look forward to getting “back to normal” with in-person events, but when that is not possible for one reason or another, virtual pre-acceptance events like this are perfect examples of using technology to great advantage!

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