Moldflow design analysis

DESMA utilizes SmartFlow simulation software, Project Engineers to refine requirements and in-house automation to ensure successful production 

Unique to DESMA is our ability to use high end simulation software for the injection process known as SmartFlow.  Not only does SmartFlow take elastomer, article geometry, and tooling details into consideration with a process simulation, but it also can consider the specific details of the DESMA injection machine in the equation.  This provides the most accurate picture possible of how the system will perform after it is physically produced. Utilizing this technology ahead of the actual tool construction helps to eliminate repetitive tasks associated to proper gating, venting, and filling of the molded articles.  

In addition to the simulation of the molding process, our in-house automation team also has the ability to prepare full 3D simulations of the equipment including molding machine(s), robot(s), secondary processes, and additional handling to ensure that all details are considered before production begins.

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