North American Manufacturing Center (NAMC)

NAMC | Cold Runner and Mold Production in North America – A Complete Solutions Provider

DESMA USA’s NAMC division (North American Manufacturing Center) designs, builds and validates elastomer tooling at the North American headquarters in Hebron, Kentucky. Our team of designers and engineers incorporate proven DESMA technology to manufacture molds ready for production upon arrival. 

DESMA is the only complete solutions provider in the industry. NAMC designs and builds molds produced against our knowledge of the entire rubber molding process. 

DESMA NAMC was started in 2008, since that time we have delivered over 700 molding systems to the elastomer industry. Throughout the years we have continued to provide customized tooling solutions to our customers. Each system is built upon our experience in the elastomer molding industry. The NAMC follows well established technologies and proven systems to ensure we deliver the right total equipment system to our customers. One of our largest advantages is that engineering, design, manufacturing, and tool trials all take place under one roof. As a customer you have a single point of contact with each project providing you a direct line of communication with the factory.



At DESMA, we begin any project by first listening to our customers to fully understand their targets and goals. Our Project Engineering staff will then incorporate this information into a complete tooling system. The output of this data is a presentation that outlines the number of cavities, parting lines, gating techniques, and estimated production rates. If molding equipment is required for the project, it is also detailed in the presentation. All of the details for the project are then reviewed with you to ensure that all of the requirements are satisfied. From this point on the Project Engineer becomes the liaison between you the customer and the design team with the advantage being a single person to contact with any concerns.


Throughout the design process, our in-house Mold Designers will further hone out the details associated to your tooling. These details will be communicated frequently to you using one of several virtual meeting platforms or in-person meetings. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to directly engage with the DESMA NAMC design and manufacturing team and see your tool design real time. 


DESMA Globally has the unique advantage of utilizing the same CAD design software, NX Unigraphics. This commonality allows any DESMA facility around the world to tap into and share over 50 years of tool making experience. This partnership also allows us to utilize global manufacturing and design resources to fulfil your lead time requirements.


Utilizing in stock DESMA machines our project engineers test all molds prior to shipment. Customer supplied compound is used for final testing to confirm final article fit, finish and shrinkage. Our mold testing and customer acceptance runoff in Hebron assures customers that your mold will be installed at your facility ready for production. With NAMC as your partner, the overall process from design to build, from testing to production will save you time and precious resources at your factory. NAMC tooling, once optimized, is ready for production. 


DESMA USA maintains a stock of standard injection molding machines in various sizes. This inventory serves two purposes with the first being satisfying quick delivery of a machine to customers in need. Secondly, our Project Engineers use the machines to injection test all tools produced in Hebron by the NAMC. These tests are centered around the use of customer supplied material and inserts when necessary. The engineer tailors the injection process to existing molding criteria when required, but also relies on our experience to develop the fastest most efficient molding process possible.  Injection testing the tool also provides an opportunity for you to measure and test sample articles produced in the new tooling. Dimensions, surface finish, venting, and the function of the tool are also proven. The engineer also generates a complete recipe file for your tool.  All of these activities ensure that when your new tool arrives to your facility it is production ready.


DESMA’s 28,000 square foot facility includes 5-axis milling, turning, and grinding equipment to meet any production requirements. Highlights of our equipment include:

 • Takumi M16 double column milling machine. The traveling column machine allows the milling head to traverse 1,600 mm (63″) in X, 1,300mm (51.2″) in Y and 700mm (27.5″) in Z axis.

 • DMF 260 5-axis traveling column milling machine This traveling column machine allows the milling head to traverse 2,600 mm (102.3″) in X and 700 mm (27.6″) in both Y and Z axis

 • DMU 100 5-axis monoblock milling machine This mill allows us to manufacture molds up to 1,250 mm (49″) in X and 710 mm (27.6″) in both Y and Z axis

 • Hermle bridge type vertical mill for tooling in size up to 1,200 mm (47.3″) in X, 900 mm (35.5″) in Y and 500 mm (19″) in Z axis

 • 3 DMG precision lathes with live tooling for the turning of up to 400 mm (16″) diameter parts 

• 2 Haas milling centers for work up to 1625 mm (64″) in  X and 810 mm (32″) in Y

 • LGB surface grinder with 1,650 mm (65″) in X and 900 mm (35″) in Y axis 

·   Okamoto surface grinder with 400 mm (16”) in X and 810 mm (32”) in Y

·   New in 2021, a Laser engraving system capable of engraving customer logos and other related font items

·   Manual equipment including lathes, a knee mill, honing machine, radial drill, micro and TIG welders, and overhead cranes for lifting safety