PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Did you know that DESMA machines also produce tire bladders to manufacture automotive tires?

DESMA equipment offers refined engineering features for this industry segment. DESMA furnishes extremely long (or extended) tie rods for the tire bladder molds themselves; daylight is needed not only for mold opening and closing but also to access the molded bladder when all mold cores are fully extended. A mold opening stroke of up to (or daylight) 1,750 mm is available (~ 69 inches).

DESMA hydraulic systems provide increased flexibility. DESMA equipment opens and closes with a movable bolster with .01 mm accuracy. Our hydraulic system can energize circuits to allow the mold core to assist in mold opening for ultimate process control, especially during the demolding process. Furthermore, the DRC 2030 TMB control incorporates demolding of the bladder for process optimization. DESMA can also integrate steam control into the DRC 2030 TBM and the machine’s internal safety systems, allowing for a uniform heating bladder mold’s retractable core.  
DESMA India recently commissioned and built a bladder machine for the automotive sector pictured.

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