DESMA is setting new standards for horizontal rubber injection molding machine capability with the release of the new SEALMASTER+ machine series. This new machine series was unveiled to the market in late 2022 and includes many new and novel features that set it apart from the competition.

The production of precision elastomer seals is a specialty industry with unique requirements benefitting from machine stability, speed, and precision. DESMA has created the new SEALMASTER+ series specifically for these applications and is offering the new machines initially in the most popular 300 and 400 metric ton sizes (335 and 450 US tons respectively). The previous SEALMASTER series machine was used as a starting point to which the DESMA team then integrated feedback from many key customers. The result is a new machine which is superior to the old design in every way. Some of the highlights of the new SEALMASER+ include the following:

  • Newly designed FIFO-B injection unit with 60% reduced nozzle length and increased available maximum injection pressure.
  • Completely new ActiveFeed integrated powered strip feeding system to aid in feeding problematic rubber materials. 
  • A new cartridge style design for material dosing permits quick and thorough clean out at time of material change.
  • Newly designed clamping system has a much lower internal friction coefficient and can achieve up to 50% faster movements and, therefore, the shortest possible cycle times while achieving the best positioning accuracy.
  • Clearance between tie bars has increased by 27% to improve access for mold changes and increase the maximum area for brushing.
  • Machine daylight is increased by 30% to enable the use of double deck molds thereby doubling productivity in certain applications.
  • Opening stroke has been increased by 60% to allow for using a wide variety of mold thicknesses in the same machine without compromise. 
  • Fully integrated central ejector with stroke measurement/control and design that does not impact machine daylight.
  • Completely revised servo-hydraulic system incorporates a stainless-steel tank, a reduction of hydraulic oil volume by 50%, and the use of 70% hard pipe hydraulic lines (instead of hoses). The new hydraulic system is, thereby more efficient, precise and requires less maintenance.
  • Adaptive hydraulic controller integrated with the DRC2030 TBM to achieve the fastest dynamic cycles while managing various mold weights.
  • New brushing and de-molding technology positioned directly on the machine tie-rods to achieve the shortest stroke to the target position and perfect alignment.

DESMA raises the bar with the new SEALMASTER+ as this machine series was revised with optimal operator access and ease of maintenance while utilizing top-quality materials and components. 

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