NEW DESMA 968 ROTARY COMPACT | Up to 30% faster cycle time

DESMA debuts a new machine series for rubber and silicone parts production called the DESMA 968 Rotary Compact.

“The development of this machine was several years in the making” quotes Scott Early, President & CEO of DESMA USA. “We are excited to offer the DESMA 968 Rotary Compact for high volume production with an eye towards highly automation.

Inside the protective guarding of the DESMA 968 Rotary Compact is a turntable device that services four stations to accommodate four tooling packages.

The first station is injection where a 160 ton fully hydraulic clamping cylinder keeps the mold closed. Material injection occurs with the proven DESMA FIFO-A design that includes a special rotary shut-off nozzle. 

The DRC 2030 closed-loop control manages the injection process plus all machine movements. After injection and material set, all clamp stations open, and the turntable indexes 90 degrees.

In station #2, 50 tons of clamping force is applied for a portion of the cure time. Next, the machine again opens and indexes. In station #3, the cure continues under another 50 tons clamp station to complete vulcanization. Finally, the machine indexes to station #4, where theDESMA 968 Rotary Compact opens for article de-molding. Mold service is by way of an operator or DESMA designed automation.

A rotary machine can (depending on the rubber part) achieve a 30% quicker cycle time than a standard machine. Automation payback is also favorable when incorporated in rotary production cells.

To save space, the footprint of the DESMA 968 Rotary Compact is similar to a typical 400-ton vertical machine. 

The DESMA 968 Rotary Compact has multiple advantages. Your rubber and silicone part production can benefit; creating positive manufacturing gains from DESMA rotary machine and automation applications.

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