DESMA SHUTTLE TABLE | Automation to streamline production

DESMA has designed and utilized different examples of automation for many unique mold operations.

The shuttle table is an additional machine option integrated into the 968 series for sliding the moveable heating platen and lower half of the mold outside the mold carrier for easier demolding and loading operations.

The shuttle table is a hydraulically driven sliding device built to handle heavier lower mold bases, bringing the mold to the front or rear outside the mold carrier. Being outside the mold carrier allows easier positioning for automation and operator interfacing, simplifying demolding and loading operations in addition to improving ergonomics. Production can utilize auxiliary equipment for plate and core manipulation for more accessible, safer processing. 

DESMA offers both a single-sided shuttle table and a double-sided shuttle table option. The single-sided shuttle table has a device on either the front or the rear of the machine, while the double-sided shuttle table has one on both sides. Having a table on both sides allows two lower molds to run consecutively, reducing cycle time and maximizing efficiency. While one mold is being serviced (demolding and loading operations) the curing operation of the second mold continues. It is also possible to have two different lower mold bases running with the double-sided shuttle table, eliminating the downtime of removing and installing different molds.

Specific applications can benefit significantly from using either a single-sided or double-sided shuttle table arrangement.  

Single-sided shuttle tables are very effective:

  • When producing large, heavy articles due to improved ergonomic factors.
  • When planning high-level automation due to ease of integration with external systems.

Double-sided shuttle tables are very effective:

  • When producing high volumes of the same/similar article, the curing time is similar to the mold service time.
  • When running different injection volumes for the two molds, but the same compound must be used for both.

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