DESMA brush technology | a platform for process automation

The evolution of brushing technologies is a focus of DESMA Engineering. DESMA brush systems integrate seamlessly with our DESMA 969 series horizontal machines, including the newly updated SealMaster+ series.

The term brush system in rubber molding equipment is a misleading term. In reality, brush systems are process automation platforms allowing for extended machine functions. Well-engineered brush systems do more than clean mold plates of excess flash between cycles. DESMA brushing systems are designed to reduce labor content and increase productivity. They can facilitate molded part ejection, provide a mounting system for mechanical grippers, automate mold release application, incorporate ITM sprue fabric winding, and laser scan mold surfaces for imperfections. DESMA has a substantial pool of application knowledge that puts our customers at an advantage to seamlessly integrate brushes.

DESMA automated brushes are available with multiple options to best fit your production. DESMA brushes use internally mounted electric motors or external motors with drive mechanisms (belt or shaft). The motors can be either Servo or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). Servo brush motors are better at controlling position accuracy. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for brush motors tend to move quickly.  

DESMA brush systems are designed to communicate with the DRC 2020 / 2030 machine control systems. The brush position can be programmed in the Y-axis as an ejection system. DESMA brushes are very effective when combined with core lifters in the machine that separate mold plates for article demolding.

There are many options available that will allow you to customize the brush system that works best for your production. The DESMA Project Engineering team and your Regional Sales engineer have decades of experience in process automation systems. They can assist in specifying brush options that are right for your molding application.

Automation can be straightforward concepts achieved slowly, over time, and as budgets allow. Brushes, shuttle tables, and de-molding equipment are all pieces that can be individually incorporated into an already-established process to decrease operator efforts and help alleviate labor shortages with minimal capital. DESMA has a wealth of application knowledge to assist you in deciding when and where to apply automation concepts that align with your goals and budget schedule.


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