Did you know that 100% of new capital purchases (like rubber injection molding machines) may be deductible under Section 179? 
Our customers in the elastomer industry have ongoing incentives to acquire and install new capital equipment (like Rubber Injection Molding Machines). 
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 significantly changed Section 179 and bonus depreciation. These changes continue to be in effect for 2023 and, when used together, may allow businesses to deduct up to 100% of new capital purchases. However, it will only be 100% if the amount of the equipment is under the phase-out threshold and can be expensed solely under Section 179. If it’s over the limit and/or threshold, bonus depreciation will kick in, which is 80% for 2023.
Please check with your local tax professional how Section 179 could save you money during this tax year.
Review DESMA’s machinery options to see if capital equipment is right for your production process: Elastomer & Rubber Injection Molding Machinery | Desma USA (

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