Special Machines


DESMA offers an extensive range of special machines to fit almost all special rubber molding processes. Elastomers are used in many different industries and applications, many of which have unique requirements. In order to address the needs of our customers in these special fields, we continue to develop and constantly expand our product range. The modular nature (clamping units, injection units, and control architecture) of our machine designs are excellent building blocks to achieve optimal results. Since we have full control of our unique control system, DRC2030 TBM, the resulting special solutions can be very effectively executed.

Special applications include very large machines, vertical machines with horizontally oriented injection units, machines with multiple injection units, very small machines, and machines specific to industries like oil & gas for pump stators, high voltage electrical for insulators, as well as automotive for fuel cells and battery cell gaskets.

In addition to the various special machines listed here, we also work with customers with very specific requirements to create unique solutions for their specific application.

DESMA builds specially designed machines with vertically arranged clamping units (both top and bottom acting) combined with horizontally arranged injection units. These special machines are often used in applications that benefit from the bottom heating platen being stationary during the mold opening/closing process. One such application is for the production of large high voltage electrical insulators. The DESMA 968.560 Tv and 968.700 Tv are perfectly suited for this application and can be fitted with large capacity injection units and large capacity silicone stuffers. This arrangement is ideally suitable for applications that:

  • Require the bottom heating platen to remain stationary during mold opening / closing
  • Require a large injection volume but comparatively small clamping force
  • Require the use of tooling that utilizes the injection point at the parting line
  • Require 2-deck mold production with the injection points at the parting line
  • Require two (2) large volume injection units with a single clamping unit
  • Require the use of very large volume silicone stuffers
  • Require clamping forces ranging from 1,600 kN to 10,000 kN

Multi-component elastomer injection molding machines can be configured with two (2) or more injection units. The DESMA design approach allows these injection units to be positioned flexibly about the mold carrier, and includes the ability to retract the injection unit from the tooling automatically. This can allow the same machine which is equipped with two (2) injection units to be used with only (1) if required. Special features of this special machine type include:

  • The possibility to combine various sizes of injection units from the FIFO-A and FIFO-B on the machine
  •  A variety of injection volumes ranging up to 25,000 ccm
  • The possibility to adjust the vertical position of the horizontally arranged injection unit
  • Available clamping forces ranging from 1,600 kN to 10,000 kN

Very large elastomer articles can be produced on special DESMA machines as well. These machines are used in applications like the production of tire curing bladders, filter mats in clarification systems, and large couplings for the shipbuilding industry. The DESMA Benchmark design can be employed for machines up to 13,500 kN while even larger machines like the 968.1800 ZO and 968.4000 T are also available but require different considerations due to their dimensions.

The DESMA Stator injection machine concept is truly unique in the industry. The concept allows for an essentially unlimited injection volume while achieving injection pressures of up to 3,000 bar depending on chosen equipment. This is accomplished by Stator injection machines are available with single injection units with sizes from 8,000 ccm up to 25,000 ccm while the most common dual injection unit machine is 2X 15,900 ccm.

For production of specialty seals, various unique machine arrangements are available from DESMA including small 100 ton horizontal machines with quick mold and material change capabilities up to very large machines built for EV battery gasket production with heating platens up to 2300 x 1400 mm (90.6 x 55.1 in). Multiple injection units (with or without silicone stuffers) can be employed as required for the application as well as a variety of mold handling systems.

DESMA builds machines in the C-frame style for small specialty applications as well. Known as the 956 and 957 series (for both bottom and top clamping alternatives), such presses are ideal for small articles or low volume articles. The C-frame range varies from 250 kN up to 1600 kN and includes a wide list of special equipment and injection unit options.

With our T series for lateral injection, even the largest shot volumes can be combined with relatively low clamping forces, as the injection units are height-adjustable and arranged laterally. One or more injection units can be flexibly mounted on a hydraulically driven lifting device. This means that these injection units can each be flexibly adjusted via the machine control system as a function of the injection point height.

  • Large shot volumes possible in conjunction with small clamping forces
  • 2-level production possible by injection into the parting line
  • Multiple injection units can be arranged
  • Ideal position for material feed when using large-volume silicone stoppers
  • Wide range of machines available from 2,500 kN – 10,000 kN


T-machine series for lateral injection and closing movement from above


The ideal solution for your
multicomponent molded articles

Multicomponent injection molding machines are optionally available with two or more injection units, whereby these can be arranged flexibly and also displaceably. In addition to parallel injection, switchable injection processes are also feasible. The position of the injection units can be defined differently in each case.

  • Different combination of FIFO-A and FIFO-B injection units possible
  • Different shot volumes of up to 25 liters
  • Height-adjustable or sliding injection unit available
  • Clamping forces from 1,600 kN – 10,000 kN

For special applications, we offer a hydraulically liftable and, on request, extendable angular nozzle for central injection from below based on our FIFO-B injection unit.

  • Ergonomically arranged lateral strip feeding
  • Easy access to the retractable angle nozzle
  • Very low operating height
  • Deflection-resistant overall structure


Special machine for injection from below


Large clamping forces and large
injection volumes are our specialties

The production of large machines up to 40,000 kN clamping force and injection volumes up to 25,000 cm³, or alternating double injection units up to several hundred kilograms, belongs to the parade discipline at DESMA due to many years of experience. Large machines from DESMA are used, among others, for bladder production in the tire industry, for filter mats for clarification stages or large-volume couplings for ship propulsion systems.

  • Best operability for large machines with large injection volumes due to our FIFO-A injection units
  • Due to the BENCHMARK clamping system
    (available up to 1,350 kN), no platforms or foundations are usually required
  • Deflection-resistant overall structure due to high material input
  • Optionally also available with multiple injection units

DESMA offers a wide range of special machines in vertical and horizontal design for large dimension sealing systems. Of course, all injection units can also be supplemented with LSR or HTV silicone equipment. By the use of several clamping cylinders and by FEM – calculated pressure introduction elements a homogeneous clamping force introduction over the whole mold area is given.

  • Deflection-resistant overall structure due to multiple locking cylinders
  • The range extends up to mold dimensions of
    3,000 x 2,000 mm.
  • The machines can also be equipped with several, movable injection units
  • These large machines also use special heating plate systems to ensure optimum temperature homogeneity


The wide range of special machines
in vertical and horizontal design


Efficient production of pump stators for the
oil industry or for pumping viscous liquids

For the production of stators DESMA offers a wide range of special machines in different designs. With the twin injection units and the multi-inject function, injection volumes of several hundred liters can be realized. 

  • Special rubber injection molding machines for the production of pump stators
  • Optionally as single-inject (Z) or twin-inject (ZZ) injection unit
  • Shot weights of several hundred kilograms possible
  • Optionally with mounting slide for stator tubes

Based on our clamping units for vertical injection molding machines, we offer an extensive compression press program for special applications. Vacuum chambers in a wide variety of designs are also available for almost all clamping forces. The hydraulics, which have been specially modified for this application, enable a wide range of special processes that are not required in the normal injection molding process. In combination with ejection units or transfer units, a wide variety of requirements can be realized.

  • Extensive range of presses with clamping forces from1,000 kN – 40,000 kN
  • Vacuum chambers in a wide variety of designs
  • Transfer units or squeezing units available
  • Special hydraulics for special processes
  • Retrofittable injection units on request


Press program in upper piston
or lower piston design


Flexible use in many industries

With the D 956 and D 957 series, DESMA offers robust C-frame machines. The spectrum ranges from 250 kN to 1,600 kN clamping force. Extensive special equipment from DESMA enables the right solution for every application and industry. In addition, injection units for the use of TPE are also available in the series.

  • Ideal machine for the production of profile corners
  • Deflection resistant C-frame
  • Available with different shifting systems