Alpha & Sigma Machines


Our range includes machines with clamping forces 500 kN to 4000 kN. These machines mimic select 968 series machine designs from the DESMA global product portfolio.  ALPHA and SIGMA series presses are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications like rubber to metal bonded parts in the auto and railway industries. The SIGMA SE series is popular for the production of very long articles such as composite silicone insulators and arrestors.


With the ALPHA-C and ALPHA-CTC series, DESMA offers sturdy C-frame machines for rubber, silicone, and TPE processing. The range extends from 159 kN to 500 kN clamping force. Comprehensive special equipment by DESMA provides the right solution for every application and industry. In addition, this series is also offered with injection units for TPE applications.

  • ALPHA-C : Closing from the bottom
  • ALPHA-CTC : Closing from the top
  • Sturdy C-frame
  • Closing forces between 150 kN and 500 kN
  • Injection unit options include the retractable FIFO-B or stationary FIFO-K or FIFO-C types
  • Optional devices like hydraulic ejectors, demolding tables, shuttle tables, silicone stuffers, and TPE injection units are available.

Contact your Regional Sales Engineer to discuss if an Alpha or Sigma machine is the correct machine for your application and specific details.

For technical data on DESMA Alpha machines see information here.

For technical data on DESMA Sigma machines see information here.


Specially developed with extended heating platens for step injection molding of composite insulators and surge arresters.
The moving platen is specially reinforced to minimize deflection.

Machine sizes of 2,700 kN with 1,000 mm long platen, 4,500 kN with 1,500 mm long platen and 6,300 kN with 1,700 mm long platens are available.

ALPHA H Machine Series

The ALPHA H machine series has strong defection-resistant clamping units that are ideally suited for producing high-quality, tight tolerance rubber and silicone parts.

  • Designs mimic 969 series from the DESMA global production portfolio
  • Machine sizes range from 1000 kN to 4000 kN clamping force
  • Optionally available with retractable FIFO-B or stationary FIFO-C injection unit types
  • Various automation systems are possible for semi and fully automatic operations
  • Deflection resistant four column design clamping unit
  • Sturdy machine bed design to support heavy molds
  • Precise plate positioning due to closed loop hydraulic control and synchronized hydraulic ejectors
  • Ergonomic overall design


The machines are specially designed for a compact footprint.
The 1,000 kN, 1,600 kN and 2,500 kN sizes are offered with various front-operated demolding devices.

  • FIFO-technology for uniform residence time of the compound in the injection unit at constant melt pressure
  • Simple, front-side operation
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • FIFO-injection technology


To complement our ALPHA and SIGMA series product line we offer a Servo package option for machines ranging from 250 tons to 400 tons. The servo option uses matched pumps, drives and controllers sourced from Bosch Rexroth and incorporated into the DRC 1030 control system.

A servo electric drive hydraulics system offers improvements in our ALPHA and SIGMA series machines that can be seen across the board in areas such as:

  • Noise reduction
  • Optimized flow and speed control for press movements
  • Energy consumption

With a Servo option, DESMA uses just one high-capacity axial piston pump. This pump can work at two different settings and output configurations depending on the flow requirement during individual press movements throughout the molding cycle.

This flexible horizontal injection molding machine features a continuous hydraulic clamping system. All ALPHA H machines have the same construction and design criteria as our European machine series and are equipped with appropriate hydraulic and thermal oil control units. ALPHA machines are available with different control systems. These have useful functions for professional process control and process optimization. CE certification is available as an option.

All ALPHA machines are equipped with our proven FIFO-B injection units in sizes from 250 cc to 4,000 cc.
Contact your regional sales manager for more details.

  • Optionally available with FIFO-B or FIFO-C injection unit
  • Various automation systems possible
  • DesFlex compensation system for low or zero rework production of precision parts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fully automated operation of the system possible



The FIFO-A injection unit is DESMA’s most successful injection unit and is ideally suited for medium to very large injection volumes. Due to a low material intake height in combination with a fully liftable nozzle, the best possible conditions for a high operating comfort are given.

For our C Frame series machines, special injection units like our FIFO-K and TPE compatible systems are available.

The FIFO-B injection unit with integrated hydraulic nozzle lift is used in particular for DESMA horizontal machines. In principle, this injection unit is also optimally suited for injection molding machines with lateral injection into the mold parting line (T series).

The FIFO-C injection unit is ideal for the smallest to medium injection volumes. Due to the fixed nozzle, a very short nozzle length is given. Our FIFO-C is the standard injection unit for C-frame injection molding machines and small DESMA horizontal machines.


DESMA offers two PC based control systems to provide the ultimate user experience in process control data archiving and built-in diagnostic capabilities

Full overview of the production process

  • 24″ Glass multi – touch capacitive display
  • Trend based monitoring LED machine status display with 3 color system (Green / Yellow / Red)
  • Dual USB ports for external data storage and programmable multi – level user access by USB coded key
  • Key machine functions operated by 2 toggle keys – Start / Acknowledgement button and E-stop
  • PC based operator interface with reliability of industrial PLC hardware
  • SSD storage for high reliability with data back-up via UWF
  • Separate display and operator interface PC
  • Fully closed loop control of all hydraulic functions
  • Advanced graphics for monitoring of all machine and process details
  • Number of screen pages reduced 50% from DRC2020
  • Machine documentation resident on operator panel
  • Advanced networking capability
  • Customizable machine automatic sequence via F(x) row with freely selectable drag and drop editing
  • Process change and error logging
  • 15.6” color multi-touch capacitive display
  • USB ports for external data storage and programmable multi-level user access by USB coded key
  • Key machine functions operated by 2 toggle keys – Start/Acknowledgement button and E-Stop
  • Internal flash memory for high reliability
  • Fully closed loop control of all hydraulic functions
  • Real time trend curves for process temperatures
  • Injection graphic to represent injection speed & injection pressure
  • Machine networking capability
  • Customizable machine automatic sequence via F(x) row with freely selectable drag and drop editing
  • Process changes and error logging
  • Onboard process data logging