Field Service Technician

Place of deployment
Hebron, KY

Type of employment
Full time

Customer Care Center


(Note – Other duties may be assigned)
• Provide effective maintenance, warranty and repair services (structural and routine) on all company machine product line.
• With minimal supervision, and oftentimes working independently, complete service and repair tasks ranging from basic to complex. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Troubleshooting and repair of electrical cabinet interface
  2. Setting and verifying all machine hydraulic pressures and determine overall condition of machines through inspection and operation
  3. Performing major tasks such as injection cylinder assembly replacement
  4. System pump replacement
  5. Hydraulic and electrical troubleshooting
  6. Replacing electrical and hydraulic components

• Perform all job tasks in compliance with DESMA safety practices and /or procedures, if any, as may be required by the customer when performing tasks at a customer facility.
• Complete assigned work – maintenance, service and repair, including PM inspections on all DESMA equipment, and other tasks in a complete and efficient manner.
• Within the scope of the position, demonstrate a proficient knowledge of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components of the product line and the repair/ service procedures applicable to such machinery. Keep skills and knowledge base current to effectively service and repair new machinery and implement new service and repair techniques. Acquire an effective knowledge of service procedures as specified in the DESMA Service Manual and apply such procedures in rebuilding DESMA Equipment with assistance on more complex rebuild assignments
• Utilize operator, parts and maintenance manuals in determining procedures and identifying parts
• The ability to read and understand European based hydraulic prints (symbols and format) DESMA documentation is in English
• The ability to trace wiring to various components within the electrical cabinet and to other features on the machine
• Thorough understanding and have a working knowledge of a multi-meter for troubleshooting; high voltage (3-phase incoming plant wiring and the corresponding effect of how this is wired to our machine), low voltage (control voltage), current, resistance, troubleshooting grounds, etc.


  • Practice clear, consistent, and concise communication with customers, fellow associates and supervisors.
  • Maintain accurate records of all service, repair and other work, including proper completion of service repair orders, warranty and service agreement documentation. Comply with record keeping requirements, within the scope of the position, with respect to such items as time tracking, parts inventory and customer invoicing and expense reporting.
  • Upon request from customer, assist in providing instruction on proper machine operation, capabilities and appropriate actions when confronted with a breakdown of machinery.
  • Coordinate with sales account managers to advise of possible new product needs of the customer and of situations potentially impacting the customer relationship and future sales potential. As appropriate, work to generate additional service and parts revenue by assisting customer in identifying unfilled needs, gaps in service contract coverage etc.
  • A competent DESMA Service Technician is able to use visual and audible clues to detect problems when repairing machinery.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills are required. This individual represents the company in the field. Neat and professional presentation, effective communication, conflict resolution and working well with others is critical.
  • The position requires an individual to be a self-starter and to interface with customers and apply analytical thinking and problem solving to the daily task.


  • Good manual dexterity to disassemble, repair and reassemble hydraulic cylinders with new sealing kits
  • Must have a mechanical aptitude to trouble shoot or repair hydraulic systems
  • The ability to work in a factory environment on your feet up to 12 hours per day.
  • The ability to disassemble large machine components for diagnostics and repair
  • In certain instance the Field Service Technician may be assigned responsibilities mentoring other Field Service Technicians in training with DESMA USA; however, the position does not have direct reports
  • The position requires effective interaction and teamwork involving other service, manufacturing, engineering and sales associates within DESMA. Effective interaction is also required with representatives/associates of the customer's organization.
  • Overtime and shift work may be required. In addition, the Field Service Technician must be willing to work hourly schedules that are not likely to be uniform day-to-day and must be willing to travel extensively to meet customer needs.
  • The Field Service Technician will be required to develop the computer skills necessary to complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Physical effort is required to move objects that may weigh up to 75 pounds
  • Frequent stooping, bending squatting and kneeling are required to service and repair equipment
  • Service related tools weighing up to 75 pounds must be carried to locations to perform the necessary service and repair
  • A high level of dexterity is required in the use of a variety of hand and power tools
  • Successfully complete training programs and classes as may be assigned by DESMA
  • The employee will be able to work out of his/her home (must be located near an airport). On weeks that he/she is not on the road on assignments, he/she will assist customers via telephone or the internet by providing remote diagnostics initiated by our Hebron Customer Care Center
  • Traveling to customers is required 75% of the time
  • DESMA Field Service Technicians are usually home on weekends-weekend work is the exception, not the rule
  • International travel on occasion is required with our parent factory for training in Germany. Field Service Technicians are required to have a passport.