DESMA machinery and tooling is utilized by a wide variety of elastomer molders seeking optimal uptime and reliability. Automotive, military and defense, oil, gas, aerospace and electrical sectors in addition to others all invest in DESMA equipment, products and services. 

DESMA machinery and tooling are installed at rubber molding facilities throughout North America and are selected by companies seeking utmost efficiency, performance, and reliability.

In the automotive sector, DESMA FIFO injection units precisely dose materials like FKM, SBR, AEM (Vamac), nitrile, and silicone for sealing, fluid handling, and vibration control requirements.  DESMA machines are also well suited to the needs of new automotive drive applications like BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) and FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles) due to the large, stable, and precise clamping systems required for such articles.  The new Alpha700SE machine with dual injection units was explicitly developed for this purpose.

Elastomer components are frequently required in applications for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  DESMA technology regarding machine controls, data collection, precision tooling, cleanroom preparation, and automation is key to success in this challenging market.  The high volumes required for articles such as specialty vial stoppers and syringe plungers are ideal for automated solutions with precise controls.  Since product quality and cleanliness are paramount in this market, DESMA has developed a strong familiarity and reputation for carefully managing such details, including supporting detailed FAT and SAT protocols.

In North America, DESMA machinery proudly serves military contractors to produce munitions components, vehicle track components, and solid rubber tires for a variety of crucial equipment.  Rubber to metal bonded components produced on DESMA machines is subjected to extreme testing requirements to ensure performance, reliability, and long life.

Pipe and valve manufacturers rely on DESMA to provide equipment and tooling for the production of pipe seals, gaskets, couplings, and valve components of various complexity.  Our process safe systems consistently produce articles that exceed industry and governmental requirements.  DESMA also has decades of experience in rubber to metal bonding which proves valuable for over-molding various inserts, including large castings with rubber.  Gate and wedge valves of various sizes and dimensions are effectively produced by DESMA machines allowing for quick mold service times.  Our project engineering team is often tasked to provide secondary equipment, ovens, and tooling interlocked with the injection machine to error-proof a complete DESMA molding solution.

For the oil & gas exploration and production industry, DESMA is proud to have developed specialized machines to produce pump and power section stators.  These large articles are used for exploration and extraction purposes in the oilfield and are subject to extreme environments.  Market leaders in directional drilling rely on the DESMA 969.318 ZZ machine type for its unique ability to inject an unlimited volume of rubber at high pressures into the large variety of stator tube sizes associated with this industry.  Blow Out Preventers (BOP’s) and other large elastomer sealing devices in offshore and land base rig drilling and production equipment are manufactured on DESMA machinery using direct injection and injection transfer molding techniques. 

The challenging field of aerospace relies on DESMA machines and tooling to manufacture a variety of sealing and electrical connector applications.  DESMA 968 series machines are used to produce elastomer window seals, while other DESMA machines are utilized in the production of specialty electrical connectors and hardware. 

As North America transitions to a more electrified environment, the need for power transmission and distribution increased and will continue to do so throughout the adoption of electric vehicles.  DESMA machines, generally with vertical clamping units and horizontal (parting line) injection units, are relied upon to produce direct bonded silicone composite high voltage insulators.  DESMA developed a unique flexible technique that supports the manufacture of articles from 3’ to ~20’ in length.  Also,  key to this unique application is the large (up to 50L) DESMA silicone stuffing units that can be added to the FIFO injection unit to support large article production without the need for frequent refilling.

Electrical cable accessories production, both for high and medium voltage applications, is also critical for the growth and modernization of the North American power grid.  The addition of solar and wind farms, EV charging stations, and other power consumers must be safely connected with these critical components.  Cable accessories production requires special care and processes due to the need for multiple layers of conductive and insulative elastomer materials together with various inserts.  Over the years, DESMA has been a critical partner in developing tooling, processes, and automation to serve this market.  We continue to work on cutting-edge solutions to support growth in this industry while faced with challenging labor conditions.