FOCUS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY –> Saving energy with DESMA EcoSilence temperature control units
DESMA utilizes specially designed EcoSilence temperature control units (TCUs) for heating and cooling our injection units; these units can save up to 2,000 kW/year per unit. Considering most DESMA machines include at least (2) oil-type TCUs, these savings can be significant!

In addition to energy efficiency benefits, the specialized pump and motor arrangement included in EcoSilence TCUs significantly reduces noise emissions and improves the environment on the production floor. The multi-stage design of the pump also allows for enhanced performance due to better system response and the ability to cool to lower temperatures. These units are also less prone to coking.

Finally, the EcoSilence TCUs are designed for easy maintenance. The removable frame that houses the units is easy to maintain, and the heat exchanger is easy to disassemble and clean. Furthermore, the cooling valve is very robust and resistant to breakage.

The DESMA Customer Care Center can work with you to individually replace aging units with the new EcoSilence model. Installation of these TCUs onto existing DESMA machines is straightforward, and the communication protocol with the DRC control system is proven. Please get in touch with our Sales or CCC departments here for more information – CONTACT US

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