DESMA offers turnkey systems as manufacturers today strive for repeatable articles and maximum production efficiency. Our team utilizes the domestic-based Project Engineering team and overseas assistance from our German factory. 

DESMA USA offers turnkey systems to the North American Market, developed by our domestic-based Project Engineering team, guided by our German factory.  

Molders today strive for error-proof production cells and reduce manual labor content. DESMA is skilled in assisting customers in defining robotics, vision inspection, and plate shuttling systems.

To assist in turnkey systems, the Hebron Kentucky laboratory is equipped with several DESMA machines ranging from 100 tons in clamp force up to 700 tons, including various shot volume capabilities. These machines are used to test and optimize DESMA tooling, which is critical to validate repeatable article and runner system location. Repeatable positioning of the part, flash, and runner system is crucial to automation with turnkey systems.

We can also integrate our in-house liquid silicone pumping system to various stock machines that require testing and turnkey system validation in the production laboratory.     

DESMA designs and builds EOAT (end of arm tooling) to work with Fanuc, ABB, and other robot brands as a turnkey system provider. We also have experience in vision-guided robotic systems and incorporating vision inspection systems such as Keyence into robotic cells with DESMA injection molding machines.  

If your goal is increased productivity, enhanced efficiency, or reduced molded defects, our engineering team, working with you, can develop a turnkey system to ensure your goals.