The demonstration laboratory in Hebron, KY maintains several rubber and silicone injection molding machines ranging from 50 to over 600 tons in clamp force. The laboratory allows for process development, material analysis, and equipment runoff with DESMA engineering support.


Customers rely on DESMA USA to assist in developing stable molding processes for seals, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, and various silicone or natural rubber components. 

Our Demonstration Laboratory provides an optimal environment for engineers, customers and our NAMC tooling experts to work.  

The climate-controlled laboratory, located in Hebron, is 3,600 square feet in size. The lab includes a DESMA Alpha 100 ton machine with FIFO-A injection plus a quick change LSR (liquid silicone) kit is on hand for trials. In addition, the space is equipped with a Fluid Automation / Graco meter-mix dispensing system for LSR (liquid silicone) development. The laboratory also supports large preheat ovens necessary for rubber to metal process development. It has a 20 ton overhead crane for installation of automation and peripheral assembly equipment if needed and is equipped with a chiller, compressed air supply and multiple 480 volt quick disconnects.


Our demonstration laboratory can also support molds not initially developed for DESMA machines. 

DESMA offers an assortment of standard nozzle interfaces for competitors’ machinery to utilize in DESMA testing. The laboratory includes standalone hydraulics with PLC controls to develop waste reduction technologies such as FlowControl and ITM ZeroWaste: including high pressure / closed circuit thermal fluid systems and High KW thermal oil test devices.  


Experienced and passionate professionals make the difference at DESMA USA. Our laboratory is overseen by a US-based Engineering Manager, a Project Engineer, and a Process Technologist. The development laboratory also offers Co-Op opportunities with the University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky and other institutions in the area for students majoring in Engineering or STEM-related curriculums.