DESMA Product Spotlight: Optical parts – Covers for binoculars, rubber coating of lenses, grip protection on cameras

Did you know that many ‘optical parts’ are manufactured on DESMA machines?

Whether it’s a cover for the lens, grip protection on the camera or the casing on binoculars, all of these items are made of high-quality elastomers. A stable and precise injection molding process is extremely important. Tight tolerances with evenly distributed and vulcanized material are key to producing optical parts. 

Our DESMA 969 SEALMASTER series and the FlowControl PressureSense technology are particularly suitable for this purpose. Precise injection and shutdown via internal mold pressure sensors ensure consistent quality at all times. Using process data monitoring, in combination with SmartTrace, manufacturing parameters of any article can be traced back at any time to ensure quality, consistency and success! 

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