CYLINDER HEAD GASKETS: Did you know cylinder head gaskets are one of the most critical components of an internal combustion engine?

These rubber-to-metal bonded components are inserted between the engine block and the cylinder head. They seal the combustion chamber, allowing the engine to develop horsepower, and cylinder head gaskets seal passageways for oil and coolant fluid flow.

A DESMA BENCHMARK 968.400 or 968.560 machine injects material (typically Viton or a fluoropolymer) onto a metal/composite carrier to produce a cylinder head gasket. With high-pressure FIFO injection units, DESMA machines are ideal for gasket manufacturing. DESMA FlowControl cold runners blocks (CRBs) are proven to reduce engineered waste and offer process refinement to assist cylinder head gasket production. 

DESMA NAMC can produce cylinder head tooling in Hebron, Kentucky, as well as other DESMA locations around the globe.

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