DESMA OPEN HOUSE | October 12th
‘Partnering for Transformation’ is DESMA’s motto for the challenges our customers and the elastomer industry face. We carry this phrase into our 2023 Open House in Fridingen, Germany, on October 12th, 2023. 

Many new opportunities are emerging due to the shift in the energy transition. As we move towards renewable energy sources and the associated technologies, new possibilities are becoming a reality. The 2023 DESMA Open House, to be held at our German manufacturing headquarters DESMA Elastomertechnik in Fridingen, Germany, will host lectures and workshops, feature exhibits, and live presentations onsite related to this transformation. Exciting machine and process developments, mold and cold runner construction (CRB) examples, and automation insights await you!

If you would like more information on the Open House in Fridingen, Germany, please visit our website: DESMA OPEN HOUSE
or contact our sales team representatives Marc VonderlageTony AckermanRobert Renfrew or Ing. Wilson Corredor; for registration details.

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