The DESMA USA Engineering Department spent time showcasing Co-Op positions for our Engineering department this week.

Dalton Hart, Project Engineering Manager, and Javier Torres, Project Engineer, manned the DESMA booth at the the University of Kentucky Spring Career Fair. Encouraging young adults into the rubber and silicone industry is one of the ways DESMA builds the future!

DESMA Engineering plays an integral part in tooling and cold runner designs, brush systems, de-molding stations, and other process-oriented automation. The team uses numerous technologies, including cold runners, tooling and automation. By maintaining various sample tools the engineers can determine processing requirements in combination with automation and machinery. This allows DESMA NAMC (North American Manufacturind Center) to produce in-house tooling for North America.

You can find more information on co-op positions using our Handshake company page here: and by visiting our Careers Page.

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