Case Studies


With a rich history in traditional hydraulic presses and transfer molding, Tech Products sought to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and improve efficiency. In 2014, the company embarked on a journey to explore new technologies, leading them to forge a fruitful partnership with DESMA, a well-known supplier of rubber injection molding machines.

Before their collaboration with DESMA, Tech Products primarily relied on traditional hydraulic presses and transfer molding techniques. However, in 2014, the company took a significant leap by ordering their first DESMA machine, which was delivered the following year. At that time, Tech Products had 27 transfer molding presses in production, but this was their first injection molding machine.

  • Reputation for Expertise – Tech Products was familiar with DESMA’s name, having previously inquired on a refurbished machine from the company. DESMA’s industry reputation for quality and reliability played a crucial role in their selection.
  • Proximity and Personalized Support – The proximity of DESMA’s team, located just 1.5 hours away, provided an opportunity for face-to-face discussions. Tony Ackerman and other DESMA representatives visited Tech Products’ location, assessed their requirements, examined their parts, and recommended the appropriate machine size and configuration.
  • Comprehensive Solution – DESMA’s competitive advantage over other potential competitors lay in their ability to offer both tooling and machine shop services. This comprehensive solution aligned perfectly with Tech Products’ needs, as they could receive molds and machines simultaneously.
  • Seamless Mold Design and Manufacturing – Tech Products highlights DESMA’s exceptional mold design capabilities as a significant factor in their continued partnership. By providing solid models and part information, Tech Products collaborates closely with DESMA in the tooling design process. DESMA’s expertise and design brainpower ensure the production of high-quality molds, providing Tech Products with peace of mind and a competitive edge.


The partnership between DESMA and Tech Products has yielded significant benefits and marked improvements:

1. Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: By transitioning from transfer molding to injection molding, Tech Products experienced substantial material savings. Scrap rubber waste reduced from 3-4 lbs in transfer molding to 1-1.5 lbs in injection molding in one significant example. Moreover, the new process resulted in shorter cycle times, decreasing from 30 minutes to just 10 minutes. These improvements led to enhanced productivity and cost savings.

2. Learning Curve and Support: DESMA played a crucial role in guiding Tech Products through the transition from traditional methods to injection molding. DESMA provided on-site training courses and hosted Tech Products’ team in Kentucky for hands-on experience with their first molds. The comprehensive support offered by DESMA helped Tech Products adapt smoothly to the injection molding process.

3. Expanded Opportunities and Market Reach: The shift to injection molding has empowered Tech Products to pursue larger projects and cater to the needs of larger companies requiring a great scale of operations. The ability to efficiently produce larger parts has opened doors to new business opportunities, further solidifying Tech Products’ position in the industry.

4. Future Growth and Expansion: Tech Products remains committed to further embracing injection molding technology and gradually transitioning to more of a split between injection and transfer presses, planning to add several more injection molding machines over the next 10-15 years. This strategic expansion will enable Tech Products to continue capitalizing on the advantages of injection molding and cater to a broader range of customer needs.