PIAMSA: Embarking on a Promising Partnership with DESMA

While PIAMSA boasts a remarkable 37 years in the industry, their collaboration with DESMA is a recent and exciting development, blossoming in 2022 with the acquisition of their first DESMA rubber injection machine. This marked a significant turning point for the company, known for its expertise in compound mixing, metal part stamping and machining, and vulcanization for the auto parts market. 

Driven by Innovation

PIAMSA has consistently embraced innovation throughout its journey. They ventured into CNC mold development and manufacturing in 2009, followed by the implementation of an ERP system in 2017. Finally, in 2022, they took the step towards DESMA, recognizing the potential to elevate their operations. PIAMSA is IATF-16949 certified for specialized work in the automotive industry.

The DESMA Advantage

Several factors influenced PIAMSA’s decision to choose DESMA but the exceptional quality of the machines, coupled with DESMA’s established reputation for exceptional service and support, stood out as key differentiators. After reviewing DESMA’s machines along with several competitors at K Fair and other industry events, a decision was made to move forward with DESMA as their new and future partner.

Early Signs of Success

Despite the newness of the partnership, PIAMSA has already witnessed positive impacts:

  • Enhanced Quality: DESMA’s machines deliver parts with superior consistency and accuracy, meeting PIAMSA’s stringent quality standards.
  • Boosted Efficiency: Faster cycle times on DESMA machines translate to increased production output within shorter timeframes.
  • Improved Productivity: The reliability and user-friendly nature of DESMA machines minimize downtime and maintenance needs, allowing PIAMSA to maximize productivity.
  • Expanded Opportunity: PIAMSA is currently bidding for several new projects that would not have been possible prior to their use of DESMA machines, expanding the horizons of the company moving forward as they grow in the areas of rubber and rubber-metal automotive suspension parts, telecommunications, and machinery components.

A Collaborative Future

With a shared commitment to continuous improvement, PIAMSA views DESMA as a strategic partner in their growth trajectory. Further investments in DESMA machinery are planned, solidifying a partnership poised for continued success with the goal of adding one new DESMA machine each year over the next decade.

The budding relationship between DESMA and PIAMSA exemplifies the powerful impact a strong machine tool provider can have on a manufacturer’s journey. The initial positive results showcase the potential for significant advancements in quality, efficiency, and productivity for PIAMSA. As they move forward, this collaborative effort promises to be a driving force in PIAMSA’s continued success within the auto parts industry.

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